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Know Your Europeans / UK

A romp through the essence of what makes the British man...and woman! Prince Charles is our host in this irreverent pastiche of British heroes, villains, wits, writers, artists and musicians, to find out just what it is that makes the British so, well, British. Bob Godfrey, one of the United Kingdomís leading animators and an Oscar winner, teamed up with Colin Pearson, who wrote the script, and Rowland Lee, who adapted and arranged Sir Arthur Sullivanís music, to create this animated extravaganza.

This clip is a compilation of more than one scene.

Year: 1995
Length: 5 mins
Production: Halas & Batchelor Ltd
Direction: Bob Godfrey
Script: Colin Pearson
Design: Bob Godfrey
Animation: Kevin Baldwin, Jeff Goldner, Neil Salmon, Oliver Brown
Music: Sir Arthur Sullivan adapted and arranged by Rowlen Lee


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