In 2017 you can consult the blog by Jez Stewart of the BFI, join the discussion and add your own memories of the studio:

The wonderfully restored collection of 18 of Halas & Batchelors' best ever short films is available on DVD and Blueray, Animal Farm has never looked so good since it's restoration and there are great books about the studio to buy online so don't hold back. Just go to the DVD and books pages and order now!

01 February to 31 May

Max und Moritz in Mexico City

Based on the drawings of the German satirist Wilhelm Busch, Halas & Batchelor made this much loved series about the antics of two naughty boys, Max and Moritz in 1967

07 March to May 2017

A celebration of animation in Stroud at the
Museum in the Park

After the death of leading animator Harold Whitaker in 2013 his family kindly donated an Acmiola sound and editing machine that came from the Halas & Batchelor Cartoon Studio in Stroud. The museum's new acquisition will form part of a display to tell the story of animation in Stroud.

There will be workshops by a local artist inspired by some of the animation cels from the studio. An exciting way to celebrate their new project.

04 April 2017

Animal Farm in San Francisco

Roxie Theater 

3117 16th St. 

San Francisco, CA94103

On April 4th, many independent American cinemas are planning to show 1984 as a tribute to GeorgeOrwell and as commentary on the current American political climate. In solidarity but with a unique approach, the Roxie Theater is also bringing Halasand Batchelor's 1954 ANIMAL FARM to San Francisco. Based on Orwell's novel,recently restored yet rarely seen in American cinemas, the beautifully-animated ANIMAL FARM offers even more potent political commentary.

Saturday April 29

Animal Farm in LA

Cinefamily in LA California  will be the second cinema in California to screen Halas and Batchelor's 1954 Animal Farm reflecting the climate of our time through this animation classic 

Monday June 5

19hrs to 21hrs
Animal Farm in Ipswich 

Vivien Halas will introduce an evening of Halas & Batchelor films at the Ipswich film society that will include Animal Farm and a selection of the best short films from the studio.



18 of the best short films

Animal Farm 1954 San Francisco

Automania 2000 in Ipswich

John and Joy 1952

Know Your Europeans 1995