In 2016/17 you can consult the blog by Jez Stewart of the BFI, join the discussion and add your own memories of the studio:

The wonderfully restored collection of 18 of Halas & Batchelors' best ever short films is available on DVD and Blueray, Animal Farm has never looked so good since it's restoration and there are great books about the studio to buy online so don't hold back. Just go to the DVD and books pages and order now!

10 to 15 October

A celebration of John Halas in Slovakia

There will be 3 programs to show the work of Halas & Batchelor at the International Film Festival of Animation Bibiana, Bratislva 

Cinema at the Film Faculty, Academy of Performing Arts/
VSMU/city centre Bratislava

Tuesday 11 October
14hrs to 16hrs 
The life and work of John Halas and Joy Batchelor
with an introduction by Vivien Halas

John Halas Remembered 2015 

Dustbin Parade  
Magic Canvas 
A History of the Cinema 
Automania 2000 1963 
Symphony Orchestra 8 minutes 1964 
Autobahn 1979 
Dilemma 1981 

17hrs to 19hrs 
Animal Farm 1954/5 
including an introduction and discussion with Vivien Halas

Thursday 13 October 

11.00hrs to 12.00hrs
Cinema Miadost, town centre
A special screening for children 

Music Man 1938 
The Owl and the Pussycat 1954 
FooFoo,The Stowaway 1960 
Snip and Snap, Top Dogs 1960 
DoDo, the kid from out of space 1960 
Butterfly Ball 1974 
Hamilton at the Music Festival 1964 

Exhibition at the Hungarian Cultural Institute, Bratislava  

There will also be an exhibition of 'The Art of Halas & Batchelor' at the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Bratislava and hopefully a chance to buy the book about the studio by Professor Paul Wells and Vivien Halas 

Opening times to follow

19 November
Animal Farm in Manchester

Steve Henderson will show Animal Farm as part of his history of British Animation. Screening at HOME Manchester

27 October to 7 November
Animal Farm in Moscow

Animal Farm will be shown in the 10th edition of The Big Cartoon Festival in Moscow

03 to 17 November

Animal Farm and Animality: animals and art at the Marian Goodman Gallery London 

Animal Farm will be on show in a loopy kind of way at this prestigious gallery.
5-8 Lower John Street London W1F 9DY



18 of the best short films

Animal Farm 1954

Dilemma 1981 in Bratislava

John and Joy 1952