In 2017 you can consult the blog by Jez Stewart of the BFI, join the discussion and add your own memories of the studio:

The wonderfully restored collection of 18 of Halas & Batchelors' best ever short films is available on DVD and Blueray, Animal Farm has never looked so good since it's restoration and there are great books about the studio to buy online so don't hold back. Just go to the DVD and books pages and order now!

September 15 

Women in Animation in Volda

Nancy Denny-Phelps will be giving the keynote address at the Volda Animation Festival whose theme this year is Women in Animation. She is going to talk about Joy Batchelor her influence on animation, her place in animation history and the fact that she did not get credit for her contributions until much later. Nancy will be illustrating her talk with film clips and photos from our archive.

Sunday September 17 

Zest for Life in Lewes

15.00 at Depot cinema Lewes

A live action 7 minute documentary by Rosie Baldwin produced by Halas & Batchelor will be premiered at the wonderful cinema Lewes Depot along with the 70ies cult classic 'Car Wash' 1976

The documentary shows a typical day of the car valeting Zest team where Sophie Halas works. For details more below

November 2

Can Animation Change you Life?

19hrs at the Wellcome Trust, London

An evening of health related animated films by Halas & Batchelor will be presented by Jez Stewart and Vivien Halas



18 of the best short films

Zest for Life 2017

Automania 2000 in Volda

Joy Batchelor 1952

Dustbin Parade 1941