2018 promises to be a great year for animation and Halas & Batchelor, if not for many other things!

Firstly 22 years after taking over Halas & Batchelor I have managed to buy out the world rights to Animal Farm 1954 from deRochemomt Films Inc. This is a good time to celebrate and to let everyone know that the film is OURS and not in any way shape or form part of the public domain!

Then even better, the BFI are launching a year of British Animation at the NFT Southbank with packages of films to be distributed countrywide throughout the year. 

In France and Germany Animal Farm will be shown on TV in the spring with a cinema release to follow. Malavia will be re-mastering a new celebratory Blue Ray DVD of Animal Farm with all kinds of extra bonus material.

May 1 to May 6

Dilemma in Trebon

The International Festival of Animated films in Trebon, Czech Republic will be showing Dilemma as part of a special 3D CGI retrospective

May 20 at 14hrs

Halas & Batchelor animation at the Depot Lewes

An animation legacy

Introduced by Jez Stewart of the BFI and in conversation with Vivien Halas 

The Fable of Fabrics 1941

Dustbin Parade 1941

6 Little Jungle Boys 1941

Figurehead 1953 

Snip and Snap, Top dogs, 1960 

Automania 2000 1964

Children and Cars 1970

Animation Has Changed 1971

May 27 at 14hrs

Introduction Vivien Halas 

Experiment, and music at the Depot Lewes  

Magic Canvas  1948, music Matyas Seiber  

Owl and the Pussycat, 1952  sterioscopic  music Matyas Seiber 

Hamilton the Musical Elephant, 1961  music John Dankworth 

Hoffnung, Symphony Orchestra 1964,  music Francis Chagrin 

Butterfly Ball, 1974, design Alan Aldridge  

Autobahn, Kraftwerks 1979, design Roger Mainwood 

Dilemma , 10 minutes, design Janos Kass 

June 3 at 14hrs

Animal Farm, animation first! At the Depot in Lewes

Introduction by Vivien Halas 

John Halas Remembered 2015

The History of the Cinema 1957

Animal Farm 1954

June 25

Ruddigore at the NFT Southbank

At last, a chance to see Ruddigore 1964 made by Joy Batchelor and animated by Tony Guy (Watership Down) 

This lighthearted spoof of Gilbert and Sullivans operetta tells of a witches curse, bad baronettes and vain maidens. Underrated at the time this film has much to recommend it and just shows that 'you must stir it and stump it and blow your own trumpet or trust me you haven't a chance!' 




Celebrating Animal Farm

Animal Farm at the Depot

Dilemma 1981 in Trebon

Joy in Bilbao April 2018

Ruddigore 1964 at the NFT