In 2016 you can still visit the blog by Jez Stewart of the BFI, join the discussion and add your own memories of the studio:

The newly restored collection of 18 of Halas & Batchelors' best ever short films is available on DVD and Blueray, Animal Farm has never looked so good since it's restoration and there are still wonderful books about the studio to buy online so don't hold back. Just go to the DVD and books pages and order now!

20 - 24 April

Think of the Future in Germany 

Florian Wuest will be showing Think of the Future
a film made for the Marshal Plan in 1956 as part of a program titled Future of Visions in Osnabrueck Germany.

23 June to 21 August 2016

Dilemma in Budapest

Art work by designer Janos Kass who worked on the film Dilemma will be shown as part of an exhibition on early computer graphics curated by Marton Oroz at the National Museum of Fine Arts

23 June to 21 Agust

A Memory of Moholy-Nagy in Budapest

As part of an exhibition focusing on the legacy of the Bauhaus in Hungary The Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest will be showing A Memory of Moholy-Nagy with early computer sequences by Tamas Waliczky. As an introduction Marton Oroz will also show What is a Computer.

05 September

Animal Farm in Brighton at the Fabrica

Vivien Halas and Jez Steward of the BFI will be presenting the work of Halas & Batchelor and screening Animal Farm at The Fabrica Brighton at 19.30 hours.

18 October

An Ode to Joy in Seaford

A short talk and presentation of the work of Joy Batchelor to Probis.
Venue and time to be announced.



18 of the best short films

Animal Farm 1954

Think of the Future

John and Joy 1946