2018 promises to be a great year for animation and Halas & Batchelor, if not for many other things!

Firstly 22 years after taking over Halas & Batchelor I have managed to buy out the world rights to Animal Farm 1954 from deRochemomt Films Inc. This is a good time to celebrate and to let everyone know that the film is OURS and not in any way shape or form part of the public domain!

Then even better, the BFI are launching a year of British Animation at the NFT Southbank with packages of films to be distributed countrywide throughout the year.

In France and Germany Animal Farm will be shown on TV in thespring with a cinema release also promised to follow. Malavia will bere-mastering a new celebratory Blue Ray DVD of Animal Farm with all kinds of extrabonus material.

So a great start…..

Sunday February 4 

Animal Farm at NFT 3
13.00 at NFT 3 Southbank London 

'All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others' Never has George Orwell's words been more relevant! Jez Stewart and Vivien Halas will present the film along with a Q&A for those interested. 

Friday February 9

The legacy of Halas & Batchelor 
18.10 NFT 2 Southbank London

Vivien Halas will be in discussion with curator Jez Stewart presenting highlights and new discoveries from the Halas & Batchelor archive including material never seen since the 1970ies! 

Program to be announced soon.

Tuesday 20 February

Coming of Age, a new history of British Animation Part 2
18.15 NFT 2 Southbank London

After WW2 British Animation flourished both as an industry and an art form. Studios such as Halas & Batchelor and Bob Godfrey Films were at their peak as this program will show.

Tuesday 06 March

Animal Farm in Nottingham

As part of the BFI's Anim18 celebrating British Animation, Animal Farm 1954 will be shown at the Broadway cinema at 10.00

Thursday 08th March 

Animal Farm at Genesis London

Vivien Halas will present Animal Farm to a family audience. A good introduction to the world of politics for all!

April 11 to April 15

A celebration of Joy Batchelor in Bilbao

The International Film festival in Bilbao will posthumously present Joy Batchelor the Animakom Award 2018. Her work will be showcased starting with Animal farm and a series of programs to include the rarely screened Ruddigore 1964 and many other films to be announced shortly.



Celebrating Animal Farm

Animal Farm 1954

Dying for a Smoke 1965

Ode to Joy 2014

Ruddigore 1964