Filmography: 1958-67


Christmas Visitor

The First 99

Follow That Car

Best Seller

Paying Bay

Dam the Delta

Speed to the Plough

Early Days of Communication


How to be a Hostess

Man in Silence

For Better For Worse

Energy Picture

BP Piping Hot


FooFoo series (x33) 

Habatales series (x7)

Snip and Snap series (x26)

The Monster of Highgate Ponds

The History of Inventions 

Wonder of Wool

Guns of Navarone (excerpts)



Hamilton the Musical Elephant

Hamilton in the Music Festival

8mm Concept Films (x200) 1961-1969


Barnaby- Father Dear Father

Barnaby- Overdue Dues Blues


The Showing up of Larry the Lamb (Toytown)


Automania 2000

The Axe and the Lamp

The Tale of the Magician


Tales from Hoffnung series 

The Symphony Orchestra

The Palm Court Orchestra

The Music Academy

The Vacuum Cleaner

Professor Ya-Ya's Memories

The Maestro

Birds Bees and Storks

The Carters of Greenwood (x12)

Martian in Moscow (x12)

Evolution of Life (x8)

DoDo the Kid from Outer Space series (x72)


Paying Bay

Follow that Car 

Les Aventures de la Famile Carre series (x12) 



Classic Fairy Tales

The Frog Prince


The Sleeping Beauty

The Ugly Duckling

Little Tom Thumb

Flow Diagram 

Linear Programming 


Dying for a Smoke 



Lone Ranger series (x37) 

The Question 

What is a Computer? 

Girls Growing Up 

Mothers and Fathers 

The Colombo Plan 

The Commonwealth 

Extract from For Better For Worse (1959)
Extract from BP Piping Hot (1959)
Extract from FooFoo series (1960)
Extract from Snip and Snap series (1960)
Extract from Hamilton the Musical Elephant
Extract from Hamilton the Musical Elephant (1961)
Extract from Automania 2000 (1963)
Extract from Tales from Hoffnung series (1964)
Extract from Dodo series (1964)
Extract from Ruddigore (1964)
Extract from Flow Diagram (1965)
Extract from Classic Fairy Tales (1965)
Extract from The Question (1967)

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