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Government work continued on after the war with the Charley series 1946-48 that launched the new Social Security plans introduced by Sir Stafford Cripps the socialist Chancellor of the Exchequer. They also made films for The Marshal Plan and the recovery of Europe, The Shoemaker and the Hatter 1949 and Think of the Future 1953. 

Thanks to the pressure of making so many films in a short time Halas & Batchelor developed a strong graphic style and a unique ability to produce longer works, for adult audiences. They created not only a new genre of animation, but had now acquired the necessary experience for making Animal Farm 1951 -1954, their best known work. Adapted from George Orwell's classic book, Animal Farm was released in 1954, and won critical acclaim worldwide. 

From that time Halas & Batchelor expanded to become one of the largest animation studios in Europe, recognized as a source of high quality animated films.

Reconstruction and Animal Farm

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